Nerds Play by the Rules 🙂

With Food Nerd, we keep it simple!

Order by Saturday, get it on Wednesday.

Meal Instructions:

All of our meals are already prepared and just have to be eaten! Since we prepare and package our food to remain so fresh, most dishes require you to simply pour the sauce, add the toppings, shake/stir and enjoy.

Food example: Our hearty salads are packed tightly, and we suggest that you pour the greens in a large bowl, add toppings, drizzle the dressing, mix up real good, then enjoy! 😉

All meal containers with are numbered – that number corresponds to the number on the weekly menu. Match up all numbers to find the corresponding sauces/toppings!

The menu will have suggested temperatures and will give you a breakdown of the ingredients in each dish.

Placing Orders:

Order by Saturday – Receive the following Wednesday

** ALL Fully Raw Packages are received on Thursdays

For Example: If you order on or before Saturday, May 5th, you will receive your food on Wednesday May 9th. Orders placed after Saturday, will be received the second following Wednesday (Place your order on Sunday May 6th, you will receive your food May 10th.

For Nation-wide Deliveries::

  1. Place your order for the entire week every Saturday night by 8 p.m.
  2. Orders are delivered every Wednesday before 6 p.m.
  3. Enjoy!

For Local Pick Up: (Buffalo, New York)

  1. Place your order for the entire week every Saturday night by 8 p.m.
  2. Pick up your order the following Wednesday before 7 p.m.
  3. Enjoy and feel healthy inside and out!!

For Local Delivery: (Buffalo, New York)

  1. Place your order for the entire week every Saturday night by 8 p.m.
  2. Leave the drop-off/pick-up bag outside your door every Tuesday night
  3. Enjoy and feel healthy inside and out!!

*Local delivery/pick up customers: please note that drop-off/pick-up bags are not to be kept, if you would to keep one, just let us know (they are $8 each). Thank you and we appreciate the bag return!


Want to automatically have food shipped to your door every week? If so, we have lots of subscription packages to choose from! All subscription packages are automatically shipped each week, unless you “skip” a week or cancel your subscription. In order to skip a week or cancel, you must log into your Food Nerd account and click on the “Subscriptions” tab within your Dashboard.

Now Shipping Nationwide!

Food Nerd ships anywhere in the U.S.A., rates vary upon your specific location. Please check out the shipping estimator within the order page.

Please keep in mind- we do not include any shipping rate within our meal prices (most companies do) we keep them separate. When you are shipping 5 days worth of our packages, most shipping will only add $1 or $2 to each meal, so its still cheaper than others!

For Example: If you order 5 complete packages (you health nut, you ;), and it says $60 for shipping, then your total for the week is $210- which breaks down to $8.40 per meal! So we suggest ordering the packages for longer distance shipments. 

Want to ask a question?

Email/Call/Text us anytime!

We can’t wait to be your personal healthy chef 🙂